​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​“It’s not about man's Churches, Denominations, Religions, and it never was”.

                                   GREATER IS THE ONE LIVING WITHIN BELIEVERS  

                                 THAN THAT SPIRIT NOW DWELLING IN THE WORLD.  

  • God: Creator, Father, Law Giver, Savior, Teacher, Comforter and our Guide.
  • God: Established the Priesthood of Believers’.
  • God: Established marriage between a man and women.
  • God: Established the Family, its sacredness and
  • the sanctity of life. 
  • God: Designated specific responsibilities and callings to Husbands,Wives, and Children.
  • God: Designated men to be the Spiritual Leader of the Family.

Dear Reader continue reading and you will understand why. 


Jesus Christ and Born Again Believers having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit our True Guide, our True Teacher, our True Comforter and God's Written Word and Testimony of His creation.

This dear Reader this is the Kingdom and Family of God.
It's not about buildings, man’s priesthoods, seminaries, certification of ordination, denominations, spiritual organizations or philosophies, not to mention unending cycles of money raising. None of that. 

Now dear Reader consider carefully:

What If:

- Fathers were truly the spiritual leader of the Family as taught in Scriptures and protected their Families (spiritually and physically) cherishing their wives and children? And, Wives respected and stood with their husbands co-equal, each in their God ordained responsibilities as clearly taught in Scriptures?

- What If: Wives and Husbands brought up their children as God instructed?

- Children absolutely knew their parents loved and cared for them?
- Children learned by the example of Godly parents?
- Children were taught to read and understand the Bible at an early age in the home, rather than someone else?
- Children were instructed in the home how to discern truth and think  for themselves. (Think about how this would form bonds between family members.) 

What If:

 - Pastors no longer have to neglect their own wives and children?
- Pastors no longer have to fear preaching the truth to their church members?

 - Pastors no longer have to be concerned with raising more and more money?
- Pastors no longer have to babysit those who never grow spiritually?
- Pastors no longer have to become involved in “church politics”?
- Pastors no longer have to deal with are the seats comfy, preparing  perfect sermons to increase offerings, additional funding for building  programs, daily expenses, oversee worship music, visiting the sick, parking lots, finding greeters, counseling church members, establishing sports and activity programs, summer bible schools, deal with hurt feelings, backbiting, planning building maintenance, just to name a few things pastors are responsible for. 

Honestly? how can a pastor or minister with a family truly be effective managing all of the above? ​The short answer they cannot. Why? Because it can only be achieved by following God's pattern for His Church and His Family.

"God's Church is the people of God organically connected to God. At Pentecost, when the Spirit breathed upon God’s people, this organic  connection came to life. Thus we see terms for the church like: ‘living  church,’ ‘body of Christ,’ seed planted that produces fruit 30, 60, 100  fold.’ When church is understood this way, its development becomes less about planning ‘how to build’ and much more about learning to facilitate the life cycle that is already inherent within it. The simple DNA of  the living church is evident:

1. Intimacy with Christ. The abiding living relationship with God is at the core of our life with God and the life that grows out of the church (God’s people). Jesus did not invite us to follow a religion of rules, nor did he mandate an order of service or church traditions. He did ask us to follow him. Out of that flows all of the life, joy, and  power that we need to live fully in him and for him.

2. Reaching out with love. The experience of being loved by the God of the universe produces an outward desire to love and reach others with the same Gospel love. This is not a project nor a program, but a way of life that involves an outbreak of Jesus’ love toward others.

3. Disciple making as a lifestyle. This is not about what we have to give to others, but it is about relationships in which we come alongside people while they discover that God speaks directly to them. We walk with them but the word and the Spirit of God become the teachers. The Bible, indeed, is far more powerful than we realize. It has the power to transform hearts and lives, all by itself, through the energizing of God’s Spirit.

4. Gathering simply and in a participatory manner. Gatherings are family-based and allow every person to grow spiritually, care for one another, and exercise spiritual gifts. Healthy missional-family gatherings continue to encourage the upward, inward, outward processes of loving God, blessing one another, and reaching out to others. What we do see in Scripture are many different types of gatherings which took  place frequently, naturally, and often spontaneously. They took place in normal, everyday settings and they fit into the rhythm of everyday life.

5. Empower others to go, reach, disciple, and gather. This is the function of ‘leadership’ as it seeks to serve others who are becoming fruitful, vibrant, and reproductive. Everything is given away: spiritual authority, recognition, encouragement, opportunities to minister and serve. This leader empowers others so well that his or her own ministry goes virtually unrecognized. Where does one begin?

It is difficult to get away from the idea that there must be a one-two-three blueprint to  follow that will allow me to facilitate the growth of ‘a church.’ But it is more about lifestyle than planning and more about listening to God  than following someone else’s map. Still, there is an intentionally that can move us forward. These five rhythms become essential to  discovering how God would have us walk with Him in the growth of His  church. There are many tools and methods for walking out each of these rhythms (perhaps a subject for another post), but through prayer and  listening, God is able to lead us to those tools and methods that will be best.

These are the Five basic DNA elements of the living church and five Cycles to help guide us. And when we are diligent about living out these Cycles, God will lead.

1. Godward Cycle: How can I root myself more deeply in His love?

2. Missional Cycle: What field(s) am I assigned to sow in? Where is my Calcutta? Who is my next 'person of peace?'

3. Discipleship Cycle: Who has God provided to mentor/disciple me? Who can I invite into a discovery, encounter with God through His word to walk alongside as he/she learns to follow God for himself or herself?

4. Community Cycle: Who am I called to build a another community with?

5. Reproductive Cycle: How am I empowering my disciples & community to do the same. (Review #1 - #4)?

Simple House Church Revolution: Download a free manual explaining the house church movement.

Roger Thoman March 01, 2010

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This is our challenge living in a world of delusions, lies, violence and falling away of the Church.
This is our challenge living in a world of delusions, lies, violence and falling away of the Church.


Traditional families are under attack, viewed as outdated, a relic of the past and no longer needed.

Time is running out for the traditional family and God's pattern for His families. Both will be vilified, not wanted, and not sustainable in todays world. Yes even Christians, Pastors and Churches as they move toward a World Religion will likely teach the same. How great will be God's condemnation upon Churches and Pastors that view His Pattern for His Church as a threat to their "profession" (or money raising) rather than what God would have for His Families of Believers (Body of Christ) as we enter the latter days. 


Fathers it is an honor and responsibility from God to teach and read daily from scriptures in the home. Pray with those in your family members together and individually. Administer blessings with the laying on of your hands in times of special needs, trials, and illness. Fathers baptize those in your family and others you have lead into the Body of Christ."


“What we now accept as Christianity is vastly different from what first century Believers practiced and believed. Mans "Churches" have been instituted by men who"assumed to themselves authority" and "ordained one another" with their "priesthoods" to spiritually denominate over others. Scriptures clearly teach the Church is: Jesus Christ, Born Again Believers, having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit their True Teacher, true Comforter, and  true Guide, with Gods Word, and the Testimony of Creation". "Why then do we go to a mere man, when we can go directly to God through His Son, our High Priest? We need to return to the pattern of the church as followed by first century Believers.”



Jesus Christ is born and begins His ministry fulfilling those things that were written of Him in the Old Testament.

Christ calls His apostles,The Gospel is preached by the Apostles, men who  actually new and walked with Christ. 

The priesthood of Believers is established, Believers are the Church gather in homes with Christ as their High Priest and Saviour.

The Church Of God (Believers not buildings) Is Formed: The Church is Jesus Christ and Born Again, Believers having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Our True Teacher, Our True Comforter, Our True Guide, with God's Written Word and the testimony of Creation.

Note: Look up how many times in the New Testament the "Church (Believers) Of God" was used to identify Believers.

The Gospel of Repentance and Salvation is proclaimed to mankind down through the centuries but not all are reached.


We are saved by faith through Jesus Christ, are Born Again, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and are adoption as Sons and Daughters into the Kingdom of God.

The early Church begins.

Believes grow in the gospel teaching their children and one another.

Men are the spiritual leader and teacher in the home supported and by their wives their Helpmate, First Counselor, Confidant, and Partner. 

Fathers teach from Scriptures, give blessings, and baptize their wife and children.

Families observe the lords supper in the home.

Families share the Gospel in their daily lives and when associating with others. Others accepting Christ then duplicate what they have experience, with  others.

Believers’ begin sharing the Good News, house to house, community to community, region to region into the known world.

Believers first take care of their families in time of trials, sickness and as they advance in age. Believers teach, help, and assist family members (and others) to become self sufficient and not be a burden to others.

All of which is done in Christ name, in humility and grace, in such a way as to unite families and communities. Much more can be said here but I leave it up to you Gentle Reader to continue and come to know the ways Families and others can benefit when God's Pattern for His Church is lived.

Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world. Apostles not understanding scatter when Christ is though to be dead.

The Temple Vail is torn (by God) from the top to the bottom signifying that we may now approach God ourselves without the need of Priest, Ceremonies, Old Testament covenants, sin sacrifices, or Temples. All of which is now fulfilled in Jesus Christ who was sent to reconcile us to God. (Dear reader

this is an important matter recorded in Scripture worthy of your study and knowing for yourself.) Also see "Message of the Vail" tab on this site.

Apostles then gathered after the resurrected by Christ; Christ gives final instructions before ascending into Heaven; Apostles boldly teach throughout the world; Two were replaced who had known Christ while He walked upon the earth, after which no others were replaced.


First century Believers’ Assemble in house churches; wolves and false teachings enter the Church; Believers go underground; many Generations pass to our present day and we are now witnessing the decline and fall of mans Churches. 

We have now entered the time of the coming World Religion to be lead by the Prince of this world ,of which we have been forewarned to flee. Study the Scriptures “prove all things holding fast that which is good", be not deceived, and be convinced yourself about these matters and their spiritual significance. Then armed with God’s truth and The Holy Spirit (our true Comforter, Teacher and Guide the Written Word and Testimony of Creation) you may stand against the Prince of this present Age and his followers.

Dear Reader, you should no longer be deceived by the failings and heresies within today's worldly compromised Christianity. Are we to continue as in the past? God forbid. We  have been admonished by God to flee Babylon so that we are not overcome by the deceptions and judgments which are coming upon the world.

Shall we then fabricate and piece together yet another man made Church with self ordained leaders, priest and pastors who themselves are deceived and promote a One World Religion? 

Will we now bow to "man's mega world religion" which has morphed into some kind of hybrid spiritual philosophy, science based trans-humanism, gender neutral, progressive, all inclusive, emotion driven, there is no sin, truth is relevant, right is wrong, technocracy? Will you join the coming Unified World Religion Alliance,? God forbid.

Dear reader do you recall what occurred when Christ paid in full for our transgressions when he cried out “It is finished.” "After this Jesus knowing that all things were accomplished so that the scripture might be fulfilled said, "I thirst. Then there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth. When Jesus then had received the vinegar, he said, it is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost." John 19:28-30 (KJV)

The Gospel of Repentance and Salvation is proclaimed to mankind: We are saved by faith through Jesus Christ, are Born Again, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and are adoption as Sons and Daughters into the Kingdom of God. But then mans churches hid salvation by faith in Christ for over 1,500 years until the great awakening when God used Martin Luther. Unbelievable! 

Given the epidemic of broken families in todays world this picture seems unreal!
Given the epidemic of broken families in todays world this picture seems unreal!



In the Old Testament just prior to Christ coming to take upon himself the sins of the world, the following warning was given to the backslid-den people and leaders of Israel: 

“And he (Christ) shall turn the heart of the father to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:6 KJV

Now Dear Reader given the millions upon millions of abortions (murdering of innocent children throughout the world today) would it not be reasonable to seriously consider Christ warning as we anticipate His soon return? Otherwise there would be no flesh saved alive.

“For then (prior to Christ soon return) shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:21-22  Consider the above carefully.



Spiritual Warfare has been openly declared against our Creator, Our relationship with Him, Our Families, Our Extended Family, Friends, Those Next Door, Communities, Towns, Cities, Nations, and the World.

Believers are under attack. Husbands and Wives divorcing, leaving children to suffer the consequences "into the third and fourth generations." Yes, Families were a long ways from being perfect but it was better than the alternative.​​

Those who teach Fathers are not needed or the traditional family (one man and one women) is no longer acceptable are tragically uninformed, deluded, lack common sense, or are inspired by the Prince of this world.



Make no mistake there has been a powerful, planed, well funded, deliberate, and successful effort to destroy Families. I am fully persuaded that what you are about to read is our only hope to save the traditional Family. Indeed, the traditional Family (especially a Biblically based Family) is so held in contempt and openly ridiculed one wonders if it can be restored? 

That said, those coming from a loving traditional home cannot understand the emptiness of a home without a father or mother. There is no way of truly communicating the impact upon children. It would be like  trying to explain to natives living in deepest part of a jungle that men have walked on the moon, sail in ships beneath the sea, can now re-write DNA altering God's pattern for life, have electro magnetic devices, nuclear bombs, and biological weapons capable of destroy millions of people.

Being a good father can only be learned and truly understood by having a father who “lived it into you” so that you as a father, in turn “live it into the next generation.” Oh, you can read about it or see it in others but it requires experiencing a good family life to truly comprehend all the intricacies, emotions, quarreling, inter-relationships, lies, sacrifices, competition, disagreements, hurts, healing, name-calling, love, forgiveness, etc. all of which is to be kept under control and shepherded by Godly parents. Oh, you didn’t know that?

Family life is not for the inexperienced, week, or simple minded. Experiencing a good family life where “growing pains” are properly contained, dealt with, are part of  the maturing process critical to raising children. Without a good family life (even with its shortcomings) a person from a fatherless home (or mother less home) will experience years of immaturity with inherited negative effects of growing up with one parent. The traditional family unit of one man and one women is now looked up as outdated and marriage is being re-defined to accept group marriages, same sex marriages, and adults marrying children, all of which is being taught as equally valid.

When I think of those who have suffered because of broken homes and violent upbringing it brings great sadness and anger. I am astounded to see or read where supposedly educated people (including Christian churches) who openly define the modern family as any multiple of persons regardless of their sex (male with male or female with female) and other perverted carnal predispositions, are now allowed by law to adopt babies and young children to be contaminated and abused. If you disagree you will be sharply criticized, labeled intolerant and by law need to be re-educated.



There is something which we have lost relating to how men (after God’s own heart) bond to wives and children establishing a loving enlightened home, and how boys become men and men become Fathers.

The family has been under attack for so long one wonders if we have lost the ability to adequately define it. Is it still possible to re-establish the essential spiritual elements of family life? Do we have the discernment to recognize the importance of family as God views it?

Are we ready to do what needs to be done to save families?

"And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. Luke 1:17"




We hear today of women being ordained as Priest, Ministers, Bishops and other positions or starting their own Churches with their own priesthoods all of which has caused churches to be divided with members on against another.  

The scriptures give examples of women anointed and chosen by God to serve in various capacities and callings, but not ordained as a Minister or in positions of authority of the Body of Believers. If a situation arises where a women have accepted Christ and there is no existing believing man to fill the office of pastor then a woman may buy all means serve, share, and teach the plan of salvation until a man who is a Born Again Believer is found to shepherd Gods Church And Family.

Like you I wondered why God delegated men the responsibilities (in the old and new testament) of being a leaders in the Church. Truly God does not do things haphazardly? There must be reasons why God establishes boundaries and define responsibilities? What could they be?

Women have one of the greatest gifts granted from God. They are called to participate with Him in delivering a new life (spirit, mind, body) into this world.  

The birthing process lasting nine months with all its emotional highs and lows, trials, and physical trauma of giving birth, establishes a physical emotional, and spiritual lifetime bond between mother and child that a man does not experience or fully understand. He can only remain near offering what comfort and support that he can.

Here we may begin to understand why in Gods eternal plan men are ordained and accountable to Go to be the Spiritual Leader of the family and serve as a “Minister“ to Believers, the body of Christ. Please consider carefully.

The Mother is ordained by God to bear, give birth and sustain her children participating with God in His eternal plan of bringing souls into the world. (She bonds physically and Spiritually with her child). From the time of conception approximately 9 months until the child reaches the age of accountability, approximately 8 years depending on the child's natural abilities, mother is most engaged in their lives as they grow and mature.

Father is there along side loving and providing for them but has not experienced bonding to a child like the mother has. (Giving birth and Motherhood.) How can “the father” bond to their children with the same degree of understanding and commitment as the mother? 

Upon reaching the age of accountability (8 years old) the Father draws closer to the children as their Spiritual Leader, teacher, guide, and comforter with the support and participation of their Mother. Then having been spiritually shepherded by their Father and Mothers children will be ready to exercise their decision to join the body of Believes.

Question? Did God provide a similar way for a man to experience the bonding process as the mother did? And if God has provided such a bonding experience how is a boy prepared to understand? It is accomplished by parents who follow and live Gods Pattern For His Family.

Gods way for a man to participate in bringing souls into the Kingdom of God.

Men are called to be Ministers and Pastors, seeking and courting others to come to Christ. He prays, teaches, guides, encourages, nurturing others into the Body Of Christ. This Dear Reader is Gods plan for men to participate in “the spiritual birthing” of their one children and other family members or non-believers. Who then are transformed (Born Again) in spirit, mind, and body into the kingdom of God. In this way men experience the birthing process of a soul as he leads his own child, family members, or non believer through the process of the New Birth, Being Spiritually Born Again, Alive In Jesus Christ adopted as sons and daughter of God.

Now Dear Reader we see how a man becomes a father after Gods own heart experiencing the bonding process by bringing his children and others to Jesus Christ and for-filling the what  is written, Luke 1:17

"Turning the hearts of the Fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their Fathers. And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient  to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."​

By teaching and being with his children, modeling and living his life based on faith in Jesus Christ, and keeping the commandment not by fear which is the beginning of wisdom but by love which is the greatest commandment. The Father now truly bonds with his children. And mother remains near offering support, advice and comfort. He is the true earthly father we all desire, a blessing to Mother, and their Children. It is here men also mature socially becoming an asset to his family, those who he meets, and society.

In Gods wisdom men are called as the spiritual leader of the family responsible to love, teach, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ together as a family, adopted into the Kingdom of God.

When it’s done Gods way the bond between Father, Wife, and Children will be equipped to stand the test of time. With homes such as these Wives, Sons, and Daughters will respect and honor their Father and the wisdom they inherit as they are loved, taught and witnessed over the years because of his sincere commitment to Jesus Christ. They will acknowledging him before men and God. I invite you to study this matter yourself until you are fully persuaded of its validity thereby knowing for yourself of the need to return to Gods Pattern His Church and Families.


Mothers by their God give instinct take naturally to caring for their child.

Fathers (who would do what has been written here) need your support. Secular society has declared war against the family and in particular men, to deliberately destroy the family. Because of this men have been disconnected from their place in the home having not been raised in a God centered family.

When a man then becomes a Father he will make mistakes along the way. He will lovingly care for and discipline the children especially the boys differently than mothers which is natural and how God intended it. Be ready to step back, observe, support him and then provide logical, loving advise, in private, in humility, and then step back. This may be difficult because as part of the war against the family there also were social activist movements to turn men and women one against another. 

But know this: Your children will turn out for the best as long as you "both" overcome your shortcomings and walk in the light of Christ. Do not expect perfection, it will not happen in this fallen world, for Him, You, or the Children. But then you knew that?

Dear Reader this is a serious matter. I hope you will pardon my shortcomings in addressing such a important subject. Prayerfully consider what has been written and search the Scriptures so that you may Know For Yourself.

There is no other way. It takes, love, knowledge, understanding, dedication & time to raise a child.
There is no other way. It takes, love, knowledge, understanding, dedication & time to raise a child.