​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who will teach and equip Christian Families ? Where have all the Fathers gone?

God established marriage between a man and women designating specific responsibilities and divine callings for Husbands, Wives, and Children.

Mans churches have appropriated to themselves divine callings that are God's Pattern for Christian Families and His Church.

Will mans Denominational Churches and spiritual organizations follow God's Pattern for Christian Families or will they continue to ignore God's way?

Gods Church is Jesus Christ and Born Again Believers having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Our True Teacher, Our True Guide, Our True Comforter, along with God's Written Word and the testimony of Creation. They are the living breathing Church Of God. They are adopted Sons and Daughters of God.


This is our challenge living in a world of delusions, lies, violence and falling away of the Church.

This is our challenge living in a world of delusions, lies, violence and falling away of the Church.



Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare has been openly declared against traditional families, especially against men and boys, our relationship with God, and our Individuality and sanctity as Human Beings.

Traditional families are under attack, openly vilified, declared to be outdated, a relic of the past, no longer needed, and viewed as a hindrance to modern society.


More Christian Denominational Churches and Spiritual Leaders now accept and teach false doctrines, are neither hot or cold, promote all religions worship the same god, preach a feel good prosperity gospel, accommodate deviant sexual behavior, promote a social activist gospel, teach half truths, perform false healing, exploit followers for financial gain, and vilify Believers who hold fast to fundamental Christian Beliefs and that is the beginning.

Husbands and Wives discard their families leaving children to suffer the consequences "into the third and fourth generations." Make no mistake there has been a coordinated, well funded, and successful effort to destroy The Family Unit. The Traditional Family has been purposely undermined and degraded by those having their own agendas. One now wonders if God's definitional of family can be restored?



Dear Reader: Unless God's Pattern for Families is recognized, taught, and followed, Christian Families will continue to fail.


It is a Divine calling and responsibility that Fathers are ordained by God to be the spiritual leader of the home with his Wife consecrated by God, as his Helpmate, Counselor, Confidant, and Mother of their Children.

Fathers (following Christ example) are to provide for the needs of the family spiritually and physically, teach from scriptures, pray with family members, providing leadership, structure, and with his Wife give positive discipline when needed.

 God established marriage between one Man and Women each having divine callings and responsibilities as Husbands, Wives, and Children. Husbands being the spiritual leader in the home, living a Christ centered life there by teaching and reflecting Jesus Christ into the family. Wives (co-equal) living a Christ centered life as her husbands help mate, first councilor, confidant, and Mother reflecting Jesus Christ into the family. 

Father with his wife by his side gives blessings with the laying on of "hands" in times of illness, special needs, birthdays, and trials. Fathers baptize family members and others that he (or his family) brings into the Body of Christ." All of which is done in Christ name with humility and grace thereby uniting families, communities, cities, nations, the world.



Others seeing Christ (living in the lives of Believers) are greatly influenced and in time become members of God's Church. These new Believers follow Gods way duplicating what they have seen and experienced, witnessing and sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Believers sharing the Good News person to person, house to house, community to community, city to city and beyond. They meet in homes and open air meeting in the country side. And from time to time Believers meet and fellowship together with others from other neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Those who teach Fathers or Mothers are not needed or the traditional family (one man and one women) is outdated, are tragically uninformed, deluded, lack understanding, have no common sense, or are deceived by the Prince of this world and his followers.

                                                  CONSIDER THIS CAREFULLY

                                     It's all about family from beginning to end.

   First : In the book of Genesis, where we see Gods pattern for families one man and

    one woman who are joined as one.

    Second: When a person accepts Jesus Christ and is Born Again into the Body

    Of Christ.

    Third: In the book of Revelation, when all those who accepted Jesus Christ are fully

    adopted by our Heavenly Father into the Kingdom of God, as His sons and

    daughters and dwell with Him throughout eternity. It's all about family.

    Jesus Christ and Families are the foundational "Pattern" of God's Church. 





In  the Old Testament just prior to Christ coming to take upon himself the  sins of the world the following warning was given to the backslid-den  people and the leaders of Israel: “And he (Christ) shall turn the heart  of the father to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:6 KJV

Now Dear Reader consider the times in which we live and how the words of Malachi may apply to us: Given the millions upon millions of abortions, the trafficking of children, and deaths of innocent children throughout the world, would it not be reasonable to seriously consider Christ warning as we anticipate His soon return?


Those coming from a loving traditional home cannot understand the emptiness of a home without a father or mother. There is no way of truly communicating the impact upon children. It would be like trying to explain to natives living in deepest part of a jungle that men have walked on the moon, sail in ships beneath the sea, can now re-write DNA altering God's pattern for life, have electro magnetic devices, nuclear bombs, and biological weapons capable of destroy millions of people.

Being a good father can only be learned and truly understood by having a father who “lived it into you” so that you as a father, in turn “live it into the next generation.” Oh, you can read about it or see it in others but it requires experiencing a good family life to truly comprehend all the intricacies, emotions, quarreling, inter-relationships, lies, sacrifices, competition, disagreements, hurts, healing, name-calling, love, forgiveness, etc. all of which is to be kept under control and shepherded by Godly parents. Oh, you didn’t know that?


Family life is not for the inexperienced, week, or simple minded. Experiencing a good family life where “growing pains” are properly contained, dealt with, are part of the maturing process critical to raising children. Without a good family life (even with its shortcomings) a person from a fatherless home or mother less home will experience years of immaturity with inherited negative effects of growing up with one parent. The traditional family unit of one man and one women is now looked up as outdated and marriage is being re-defined to accept group marriages, same sex marriages, and adults marrying children, all of which is being taught as equally valid.

When I consider all  those who have suffered because of broken homes and violent upbringing it brings great sadness and anger. I am astounded to see or read where supposedly educated people (including some who identify as Christians ) who openly define the modern family as any multiple of persons regardless of their sex (male with male or female with female) and other perverted carnal predispositions who are now allowed by law to adopt babies and young children.

If you disagree you will be sharply criticized, labeled intolerant, and by law will you attend classes to be re-educated.

Given the epidemic of broken Families in todays world this picture seems unreal.

Given the epidemic of broken families in todays world this picture seems unreal.




                                                  Fathers and Mothers




                    AND GLORIOUS.



                    >  WHO WILL TEACH THE NEXT GENERATION?

There is something we have lost relating to how men bond to wives and children thereby establishing a loving Christ centered home and how boys become men and men become Fathers.

The family has been under attack for so long one wonders if we have lost the ability to recognize and define it. That said it is still possible to establish the essential spiritual elements of family life. The question is: Do we have the discernment and commitment to re-establish God's Pattern for Christian Families? Will Believers, Will Pastors? Will Churches? If not, Godless forces will continue the devastation of Families.

                  Are we ready to do what needs to be done to save families?

                                  HOW DO BOYS BECOME GOOD MEN ?

                                  HOW DO MEN BECOME GOOD HUSBANDS ?

                                  HOW DO MEN BECOME GOOD FATHERS ?

We hear today of women being ordained as Priest, Ministers, Bishops and other positions or starting their own Churches with their priesthoods all of which has caused great division, turning church members one against another.

Scriptures give examples of women anointed and chosen by God to serve in various capacities and callings but not ordained as a Minister or in positions of spiritual leadership over Believers (Male or Female). That said if a situation arises where a women who is a Believer lives where there is no mail Believer to fill the office of pastor (a man having spiritual care of a number of persons) then a woman may by all means serve, share, pray with, and teach the good news of salvation until a man who is a Born Again Believer is found to shepherd Gods Family.

Like you I wondered why God delegated men the responsibilities (in the old and new testament) of being a leaders in the Church. Truly God does not do things haphazardly? There must be reasons for His establishing boundaries and defining responsibilities? What could they be?

Women have one of the greatest gifts granted from God. They are called to participate with Him in delivering a new soul (spirit, mind, body) into this world.

The birthing process lasting nine months with all its emotional highs and lows, trials, and physical trauma of giving birth establishes a lifetime physical, emotional, and spiritual bond between mother and child that a man does not experience nor fully understand. He can only remain near offering what comfort and support that he can.

Please consider carefully. Here we may begin to understand why in Gods eternal plan men are ordained and accountable to be the Spiritual Leader of the Family and serve as a “church spiritual leader“ for Believers (the body of Christ).  The Mother is "ordained by God" to bear, give birth, and sustain her children participating with God in His eternal plan of bringing souls into the world. She bonds physically and Spiritually with her child. From the time of conception approximately 9 months (plus or minus) until the child reaches the age of accountability, approximately 8 years depending on the child's natural abilities.

Father is there along side loving and providing for them but has not experienced bonding to a child like the Mother. How then can “a Father” bond to their children with the same degree of understanding and commitment as the mother?Now Dear Reader consider carefully: Upon reaching the age of accountability (8 years old) the Father draws closer to the children as their Spiritual Leader, teacher, guide, disciplinarian, and comforter with the support and participation of their Mother. Then having been spiritually shepherded by both Father and Mother children will grow spiritually and physically prepared to make their decision to accept the Saviour and join the body of Believes. Again, did God provide a way for a man to experience the bonding process?

                                    GOD'S WAY FOR A MAN TO PARTICIPATE IN

                                 BRINGING SOULS INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

Men are called to be Ministers to their Families (and the world) seeking and courting others to come to Christ. He prays, teaches, guides, encourages, nurturing others into the Body Of Christ. This Dear Reader is Gods plan for men to participate in “the spiritual birthing” of their own children, family members, and non-believers who are transformed (Born Again) in spirit, mind, and body into the kingdom of God. In this way a men experience the spiritual birthing process of his own children, other family members, and non-believers whom he shepherds into the Body Of Believers.
Note: The Apostle Paul led Timothy to saving faith in Christ. In doing this Paul became like a "spiritual father" to Timothy. Timothy was in essence like Paul's son and Paul felt responsible for him and taught Timothy and viewed him as a son in Jesus Christ. (This is the same relationship a Believer experiences when shepherding others (especially family members) who accepts Jesus Christ as their Saviour. 

Now we discern and apprehend how a man becomes a father after Gods own heart by experiencing the bonding process when bringing others to Jesus Christ.

Then Father teaching and being with his children, modeling and living his life based on faith in Jesus Christ, keeping Gods commandment, not through fear which is the beginning of wisdom, but through understanding and the love of Christ of which it is written in scriptures surpasses all understand and words cannot express or explain it. Few are those who have experience it though it awaits all who will seek it.

Mother remains near offering support, advice and comfort. Father has truly become the earthly father we all desire, a blessing to Wives, his Children, and others. It is here men also mature socially becoming an asset to his family, those he meets, and society.

In Gods wisdom men are called as the spiritual leader of the family responsible to love, teach, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ together as a family. When it’s done Gods way the bond between Father, Wife, and Children will be equipped to stand the test of time. Wives, Sons, and Daughters will respect and honor their Father and the wisdom they inherit as they are loved, taught, and witness over the years because of their fathers sincere commitment to Jesus Christ. They will acknowledging him before God and men. I invite you to study this matter yourself until you are fully persuaded of its validity thereby knowing for yourself of the need to return to Gods Pattern His Church and Families.

What we now accept as Christianity is different from what first century Believers understood, taught, and practiced.

          Will mans Denominational Church, Spiritual Organizations and Believers

        follow God's Pattern for Christian Families or continue to ignore God's way?

This is a serious matter. I hope you will pardon my shortcomings in addressing such a important subject. Prayerfully consider what has been written and search the Scriptures so that you may be found Knowing For Yourself.

Mans denominational churches have appropriated to themselves Divine callings and Responsibilities that are ordained by God for Believers (Priesthood of the Believers). Should we not "go directly to God" through His Son, our Saviour and High Priest, rather than mere men? We need to return to the pattern of Gods Church not mans organizations and priesthoods.

Prayerfully consider the may benefits if we were to "truly follow God's Pattern for His Families and His Church".

Much more can be written but I leave it up to you Gentle Reader to consider the many blessings and benefits when God's Pattern for Christian Families is lived by Believes. (If you have read this far please continue to Gods Church tab at the top of this page after reading the short NOTES below.)


Our Creator has endowed Mothers with natural instincts in the ways to care for their children. Fathers (who would do what has been written here) need your understanding and support. Secular society has declared war against the family and particularly men and Fathers. Powerful forces have deliberately united and conspired to destroy the traditional family. Because of this men have been "disunited" from their place as men, husbands and fathers.

When a man becomes a Father he will make mistakes along the way. He will lovingly care for and discipline the children especially the boys, differently than mothers which is natural and how God intended it. Be ready to step back, observe, support him. Then if needed provide advise in private, in humility, from scripture, and then step back. This may be difficult because as part of the war against the family there also were social activist movements to turn men and women against one another.

Know this: Your children will turn out for the best as long as you "both" overcome your shortcomings and walk in the light of Christ. Do not expect perfection it will not happen in this fallen world, for Him, You, or the Children.

And finally trust only God.....He will do what is right.

But then you knew that?

Much more can be written but I leave it up to you Gentle Reader to consider the many blessings and benefits of God's Pattern for Christian Families.


It takes love, understanding, wisdom and time to raise a child and nurture a Family.

It takes love, understanding, wisdom, and time to raise a child and nurture a Family.