God is Love, God is Truth, God is Wisdom, our Law Giver and Salvation. God will do what is Right.


To awaken Christians and non-Christians of the need for change as we face ever increasing spiritual deceptions and enter the final battle for the minds and souls of mankind. What was accepted, taught, and practiced by First Century Believers (God's Pattern for His Church and Christian Families) are not recognized or practiced in "mans" churches. Those who would follow God's Pattern will be viewed as defiant and not tolerated by mans end of days churches (and political systems) that are now establishing the Great Babylon Church of which we have been forewarned and from which we are told to flee.  

Truth is a lonely warrior.

The end of days battle for the souls of mankind has begun.

Truth is a lonely warrior, the  battle not for the faint of heart or those lacking spiritual discernment.  That said "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honor of kings (and each of us) is to search out a matter." Proverbs 25:2 kjv  Dear Reader Consider this carefully. 

We are moral infants in an age of rage,

In the greatest time of human progress and scientific discoveries,

In the worst time of spiritual deceit and delusions,

desperately needing deliverance....from ourselves.

We live in a world of lies, delusions, and deceptions inspired by the Prince of this

world and his followers. Stay strong, fight the good fight, do not be deceived.


See what is, see what is not, and see what is hidden

within the shadows & darkness.


Hear what is said, hear what is not said, and hear the message

within the silence.


Read what is written, read what is not written, and read

what is between the lines.

We are engaged in a asymmetric global battle for the souls,

minds, and harts of mankind of which we have been forewarned over two thousand year ago. The battle is not with flesh and blood “but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” Ephesian 6:12 



No-matter who you are,

No-matter where you are,

No-matter what your condition,

God is there for all who truly seek to know Him.

God has provided points of reference to guide us on our journey:

* Jesus Christ

* The Holy Spirit our True Teacher, our True Guide, our True Comforter.

*  His Written Word

*  His Answered Prayers

*  His Witness Within Creation

THOSE who choose to live immoral lives view Christ as judgmental.

THOSE who choose a life of lies and treachery view Christ as their competitor.

THOSE who choose to live by the law view Christ as a stumbling block.

THOSE who trust in mans wisdom view trust in Christ as foolishness.

THOSE who choose to acquire money, power,

and rule over others view Christ as weak.

THOSE who choose to live as unbelievers view Christ as their enemy.​

Where we now endure suffering by faith in Christ,

we shall come to understand is for our benefit!

Where once there was deception and darkness there will be light!

What is now beyond our comprehension will be revealed!

What seems impossible with us is possible with God!

What appears unjust will be justified!

What is unclear will become clear.

There is no greater calling,

There is no greater hope,

There is no greater duty,

There is no greater work,

There is no greater purpose,

There is no greater challenge,

There is no great philosophy,

There is no greater ideal,

There is no greater truth to be given than this......

"Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

 Dear Reader these are not ideal words. If you will "apprehend" the meaning of Jesus admonition there is great understanding and revealing of the infinite Depth and Majesty of Gods Eternal Wisdom, Love, Power, Plan and Glory. Amen.

See Matthew: 5:58

It's never to late.

Truly we are not without hope.

Remember, Gods ways are above mans ways.

Life's adversities and our redemption is reconciled within 

God's Eternal Love, Holiness, Righteousness, Wisdom, Justice, 

Mercy, Grace, Redemption, Power, and Glory. Consider the order of His ways.

It's not about:

Mans churches, denominations, spiritual organizations, or philosophies.  

Wherever you hear or read the word Church it means,

"God's Body of Born Again Believers throughout the world."

It's about Jesus Christ and being Born Again.  

It's a personal relationship and Knowing For Yourself.

God's Church:

Gods  Church is Jesus Christ and Born Again Believers having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Our True Teacher, Our True Guide, Our True  Comforter, along with God's Written Word and the testimony of Creation. They are the living breathing Church Of God. They are adopted Sons and Daughters of God.

"Finally, brothers and sisters

whatever is true,

whatever is noble,

whatever is right,

whatever is pure,

whatever is lovely,

whatever is admirable

if  anything is excellent or praiseworthy

think about such things......

And the God of peace will be with you."

Philippians 4:8-11 NIV

May God inspire and bless you and your loved ones, Daniel


God knows the true spiritual condition of our heart, mind, and soul. God will do what is right. Amen

God knows the true spiritual condition of our heart, mind, and soul. God will do what is right. Amen